Central African Republic Project
The American University Washington College of Law (AUWCL) War Crimes Research Office (WCRO) and the Women and the Law Program have been awarded a grant by the U.S. Department of State for their project, "Strengthening Government Ability to Hold Perpetrators Accountable for Conflict-Related Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in the Central African Republic." The project builds upon the Gender and International Criminal Law Project, including the Gender Jurisprudence Collections, which enables users around the world to research the prosecution of sexual and gender-based crimes committed in the context of conflict and mass repression worldwide. AUWCL's faculty, staff and students will collaborate with partner organizations in the Central African Republic to create French-language legal research tools and conduct in-country and online training tailored to local needs. The project responds to the need for accountability for the widespread sexual and gender-based violence committed during two periods of civil conflict in the country.

Case-Based Reparations at The Central African Republic’s Special Criminal Court

Les Réparations dans les Affaires devant la Cour Pénale Spéciale de la République Centrafricaine

Manuel De Formation Sur Les Meilleures Pratiques Dans Les Cas De Violence Sexuelle

Vidéos de formation (en français) sur les questions relatives à la violence sexuelle et sexiste/Training videos (in French) on issues relating to sexual and gender-based violence:

Formation sur les Crimes de Guerre en RCA - Training on War Crimes in the CAR

Formation sur les Crimes contre l’Humanité en RCA - Training on Crimes against Humanity in CAR

Formation sur le Génocide en RCA - Training on Genocide in CAR

Formation sur Mesures de Protections - Training on Protective Measures

Formation pour acteurs du système judiciaire de la RCA - Training for CAR justice system actors

Formation pour la société civile centrafricaine - Training for Central African civil society

Rapports sur la responsabilité pour les crimes en République centrafricaine

Voici, trouvez des rapports sur la responsabilité pour les crimes en République centrafricaine de Nations Unies, International Nuremburg Principles Academy, et Amnesty International.UN International Commission of Inquiry Report on CARInternational Nuremburg Principles Academy Report on Post-Conflict Accountability in CARAmnesty International Report on CAR

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